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Tuesday, December 16


My kid brother graduates from Army boot camp and training on Thursday. I wanted to give him some sort of present or something, but I've been completely blanking out on what to give him, plus the fact that I don't know what he's allowed to have there on base (oh, the good news? his orders came and he's stationed at Ft. Knox!! *happy dance*)... it's just making gifting really difficult. I solved the Xmas problem (i.e. what to give); American Express makes these gift check things which are essentially gift certificates to anywhere in the world, and they function like a traveller's cheque, essentially. But for graduation? Totally stumped.

So I was browsing through and came across the nosewarmer pattern and had a eureka moment. I have all this camoflage yarn, I have a brother, who (as luck would have it) has a nose! that gets cold!

So I knit up the nosewarmer last night, while watching History of the World Pt. 1 so naturally I wasn't counting and skipped the skipping part of the short row shaping a few times and though it doesn't look like total ass, it's not fantastic, but it's a gag gift really, so I don't care that much, nor do I think, will he.

It's done, though I still have to attach the tassle. Hope he loves it.

A Simple Plan

This is the new scarf I'm doing. (Because I don't already have enough going on, right?) It gets it's name from the movie I was watching when I started it. It's made from Apache by Adriafil It was one of those "I'm at a mental roadblock and I need something new and simple, please" sort of things to do. I've changed stitches about twenty times on it, and basically it's three rows knit, three rows purl, but it took about four variations of that to be sure. That and I wasn't being particularly attentive, and kept forgetting to count. The yarn's so crazy that you can't really tell anyway.

The Shrimpy Chronicles.

Ok, the pink sweater shall be known as Shrimpy. I've gotten a goodly portion of the back done (And before you ask, yes there are pictures, and no, I've not posted them, and yes, I did say that I'd post pics over the weekend, and no, I didn't but I was beyond busy every single day this weekend)

I put a couple of rows' work into the sleeves of Mom's Sweater Jacket, but it goes so slowly and even though it's stockingette, the same as Shrimpy, and is on bigger needles, it's seeming to take about fifteen times longer to get an inch on it than it does on Shrimpy. I apparently have some sort of psychological aversion to Mom's Sweater.

Friday, December 12

Pink sweater

I'm semi-inclined to call this sweater "Shrimpy." The yarn is Crystal Palace Merino Frappé and it's in a colour called "New Sorbet", and the yarn is essentially a bunch of pink fluff on a black core, which I like because it gives the yarn a sort of heathery look to it. But it also reminds me of the sand vein on a shrimp. Hence the name "Shrimpy"

I haven't yet taken pics of the new sweater, as it's not much more than an inch and a half of ribbing and a couple of inches of reverse stockingette. I will post pics of this and everything else, if not sometime today than tomorrow.

Rock'n'roll hat and scarf

I finished my dad's hat and scarf set. I called it rock and roll because I had the idea to set a picture up of the hat and scarf adorning an acoustic gee-tar. I have the picture and will be uploading it shortly; I just haven't gotten around to it yet, is all. Also, the colorway of the yarn is called Jordache, and if that's not rock and roll, than I don't know what is.

This is a link to the pattern/picture page at

My mom's sweater may or may not be there, at as well. I vaguely recall looking for it there before and it not being there, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, the hat. I want to keep the hat. I really, really love the hat. I must make one for myself.

But it's taking foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.

I'm so tired of making this damn sweater for my mother. It takes about an hour to to an inch of the back.

But!! The back is finished! So I've got the two front parts and the back part and now I'm working on the sleeves. I'm doing that "both at the same time on circulars" thingy like I did with the straps on the monkey bag so that they've each got the exact same number of rows and are the same length and all of that crap.

Wednesday, December 10

Debbie Stoller Loves My Monkey

and so should you.

Met Ms. Stich'n Bitch herself, Debbie Stoller last night as part of her book tour. She pretty much rules.

Pictures forthcoming.

Sunday, December 7

The Mamacita Scarf

This is a scarf that I knt for my friend Maria. Since she's a hot mama, I called her scarf the Mamacita Scarf.

Mamacita Scarf

Here's a close up.

Closeup of Mamacita Scarf

It's made from Lion Brand Chenille Sensations (100% acrylic)

Wednesday, December 3

Yay for knitting.