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Thursday, September 9


I've been kind of scarce, as I injured my poor eyeball. Yes, that's right. I somehow managed to scratch my cornea and get (according to the opthamologist) "not an infection, per se". And i'm having some girly health problems. So I've been just a joy to be around lately. I'm sure my husband just loved the pants out of sitting with me in the ER on Labor Day, due to said eyeball injury.

The good news is that on Saturday I got to go to the Yarn Exchange in downtown DeKalb! I got a really nice scarf kit that I'm in the process of knitting as we speak. Erm, type... Read? Well, ok, I'm not knitting and typing, (and thank goodness for that. I'd never leave the house), but I think you know what I mean right?

I made a drop spindle last night, out of a couple of AOL cds, a dowel and a couple of rubber bands. It's too long, and I don't own a saw. Hmm.

I'm so excited though, because I'm going with a couple of friends to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival and Wisconsin Spin-In this weekend at the Jefferson Fair Park in Jefferson, WI. We're also going camping! I'm so very excited. I may be getting a spinning wheel. I'm really, really excited. I've never been camping before, but I'm so (you guessed it) excited.
I'm going to take my scarf, a three quarters of the way finished sock, and a new sock to start with me. I may take the Lopi sweater with me, but I'm not sure, as I'm in the sleeve phase, and there's a lot of pattern to follow. It's not as mindless as I'd like for the road/for socializing/for knitting under the influence. :o)

I'm going to take a bunch of pictures this weekend, and I may make an audio post or three. Stay tuned!


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