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Tuesday, February 14


So just between you and me? I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the Torino sweater.

steeking scares me

In other news, I finished Jaywalker sock #1. Ends woven in and everything. It's because Monday Night is a Television Night. I rather like the pattern. It goes quickly, because it's based on stockinette stich, but avoids becoming mindnumbingly boring by virtue of the double decreases. Plus it just looks frickin' cool.

Is my full memory card excuse getting old yet? No? Didn't think so. Would have done that last night only Scruffy was on the computer and I had to shower. Maybe tonight.

Monday, February 13

It Came! It Came!

It came it came it came it came!!!!!!



I'm chugging along on Jaywalker sock number one. I turned the heel and I'm about halfway to the toe, if not further. I didn't read the pattern directions very carefully and discovered that I hadn't been slipping a stitch to keep the patterning going during the decreasing near the instep, but I don't care. I knit the instep for a inch, and then saw I had a big fat hole where I'd picked up stitches, so had to frog and then re-pick up the stitches on the one side, including an extra one in the gusset to close up the hole, which I think occurred due to the kfb increase. I'm not sure though. So then, I got an inch and a half in, and wanted to check to see how many stitches I had to decrease the foot to, because of different gauges between sock parts, and realized I had not been doing the aforementioned slipping of a stitch. So I figured I could frog, again, and do it correctly or do what I did end up doing which was to say, "F*ck it. No one will be looking at my feet that closely."

I swear I'll get around to posting pictures, soon.

In other news, I bought the yarn for SockapalOOOza, but I have no idea what pattern to do.

Wednesday, February 8

Cobwebs, yay!

So. I'm back. I had a brief forray into LiveJournal territory, but I'm back.

Currently on the needles: A pair of the Jaywalker socks everyone and their sister is making. In Lorna's Laces' Black Purl colorway. The memory card for my camera is full, so once I dump it to a CD, I'll post "in progress" pictures.

I finished the sock of the month socks on Sunday and same deal. When I can take a picture, I will.

I also finished the sweater from the cover of Simply Knitting (UK), but have discovered it's been so long since I knit a sweater that I kind of forgot how to seam up set in sleeves. And I can't find my Vogue Knitting book.

That's about it for now.

peace out.