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Wednesday, February 8

Cobwebs, yay!

So. I'm back. I had a brief forray into LiveJournal territory, but I'm back.

Currently on the needles: A pair of the Jaywalker socks everyone and their sister is making. In Lorna's Laces' Black Purl colorway. The memory card for my camera is full, so once I dump it to a CD, I'll post "in progress" pictures.

I finished the sock of the month socks on Sunday and same deal. When I can take a picture, I will.

I also finished the sweater from the cover of Simply Knitting (UK), but have discovered it's been so long since I knit a sweater that I kind of forgot how to seam up set in sleeves. And I can't find my Vogue Knitting book.

That's about it for now.

peace out.


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