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Monday, February 13


I'm chugging along on Jaywalker sock number one. I turned the heel and I'm about halfway to the toe, if not further. I didn't read the pattern directions very carefully and discovered that I hadn't been slipping a stitch to keep the patterning going during the decreasing near the instep, but I don't care. I knit the instep for a inch, and then saw I had a big fat hole where I'd picked up stitches, so had to frog and then re-pick up the stitches on the one side, including an extra one in the gusset to close up the hole, which I think occurred due to the kfb increase. I'm not sure though. So then, I got an inch and a half in, and wanted to check to see how many stitches I had to decrease the foot to, because of different gauges between sock parts, and realized I had not been doing the aforementioned slipping of a stitch. So I figured I could frog, again, and do it correctly or do what I did end up doing which was to say, "F*ck it. No one will be looking at my feet that closely."

I swear I'll get around to posting pictures, soon.

In other news, I bought the yarn for SockapalOOOza, but I have no idea what pattern to do.


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